Plastic Pastures (Prologue)


Plastic Pastures (20min) is an experimental moving image prelude to You Were Raised on a Promise (Found Over Time). It is an expository journey of anti-nostalgia, and the often amusing zeitgeist that drives social, political, ethical, and reflective aspects in American culture.

The long format work You Were Raised on a Promise (Found Over Time, 61min) is an experimental single-channel moving image performance + live score which addresses themes of gender (a woman’s perspective), identity, expectation, Americana, and a heartbreaking account regarding the human condition. The conceptual framework centers around a musical score comprised of folk, psychedelia, rock, shoegaze, alternative, and experimental components. The intent is for musical compositions to be performed live with moving imagery. Additional intentions, hopefully, will address the spectatorial experience, driving towards a hypnogogic collision between performer and spectator.