Set Aside the Cobwebs in the Sky (Gently Open Your Eyes to Sleep)


A Live Cinema presentation, Set Aside the Cobwebs in the Sky (Gently Open Your Eyes to Sleep), is an experimental multi-channel installation based on four movements. Thematically, Cobwebs embarks on a journey through anti-nostalgia, fragmentation, confusion, powerlessness, loss of identity, masculinity, and the lasting residue of the past.

The stylistic and technical aspects of Cobwebs derives influences from Terrence Malick (Days of Heaven, 1978), Wim Wenders (Paris, Texas, 1984), Andrei Tarkovsky (Stalker, 1979), Hollis Frampton (The Magellan Cycle, 1974), and Steven Soderbergh (The Limey, 1999). The original musical score consists of four tracks playing continuously without breaks, not calling attention to a track change. The score acts as the project anchor. In addition, I have given all my RAW footage, found footage and soundtrack to two artists. They have compiled complementary edits based on two separate treatments which hone in on their production strengths.

Project responsibilities: director, writer, editor, co-cinematographer, actor, producer and musical score composer.